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Life Options Health Services, Inc.
4001 West Devon Ave. Suite 409
Chicago, IL 60646
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Home Health Care

Geriatric care:

Provide all in-home care to elderly/seniors by giving special attention to their needs and concerns.

Cardiopulmonary care:

Provides one on one teaching and treatment with CHF, COPD, Cardiac dysrthymias, post cardiac care and other pulmonary disorders, in order to achieve the functional goals and return to normal daily activities.

Rehabilitation Services:

Our licensed therapist provides physical, occupational and speech language therapy, to help gain functional mobility and gain independence as quickly as possible.

Orthopedic / pain management:

Provides post-op orthopedic care and therapy services, cater to specific needs written by Physician in order to alleviate pain, hasten recovery period, increase strength and endurance.

Wound care, ostomy and incontinence management:

Provides wound care with latest treatment modalities and technology to hasten healing and prevent recurrent infections.
Provide skilled care on ostomies and incontinence care to prevent decubitus ulcer or bed sores.

Home infusion services:

Our skilled professional’s coordinates with pharmacy home infusion department and other infusion service facility in providing medication and maintain patient’s access line patency and prevent infections.

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